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Course Cats, a platform that helps creators present their online courses, needed a brand refresh. It was important for the brand to be bold, simple and clever. They wanted their mark to move away from literal representations of cats without abandoning them completely. In addition, they needed a library of icons to spread throughout their platform and website.


Icon design


No. 01

The logo

The inspiration for Course Cats’ new logo came from the silhouette of a cat against the moon. A subtle tail in the negative space created a friendly, graphic logo while nodding to their name.

Course Cats Logo

Course Cats Logo Icon

Course Cats Logo Stacked

No. 02

The icons

The creators of Course Cats know the importance of presenting things clearly and beautifully. A cohesive set of custom icons was the perfect way to add visual interest and organization to their platform and website.

Course Cats Icons


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