Fist Protest Illustration

Illustration & Icon Design

Illustration & Icon Design

These illustrations and icons were created with varied methods and purposes for both clients and personal projects. From playful, natural scenes drawn in Procreate to crispy, clean symbols in Illustrator, they’ve seen it all.


Illustration/icon design

No. 01


Illustrations are so effective at conveying ideas — whether that idea is the offerings of a startup, sweeping social change or just the enchanting setting of a novel.

Stardust Illustration

Fist Protest Illustration


2020 Hand Lettering

No. 02

Icon Design

Icons can be challenging. How do you convey a message or idea in the simplest way possible? Sometimes it’s obvious and sometimes it’s constantly right beyond your grasp. But that’s what makes it so much fun.

Vision Track Icons

Jackalope Cowboy

Circle Business Icons


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