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Morrow Hill, a commercial real estate firm with offices in Dallas, New York and Beverly Hills, needed a better way for their clients to manage all the aspects of their leasing portfolio. Enter Vision Track, a custom dashboard that is tailored to each business that they work alongside.


Web design


Patti McLetchie (front-end)
Paul Woolsey (back-end)


No. 01

The logo

The Vision Track brand needed to convey fluidity and flexibility while giving off a “tech” feel. Using a flowing V and a lively blue, the mark represents the product’s energy and the way it adapts to each client’s needs.

Vision Track Logo

No. 02

The product

Vision Track includes dashboards for two different levels of users – the people opening franchises and the people who manage them at the corporate level. At the core of the dashboard is a list of potential sites that clearly displays the client’s options, creating an improved user experience for both the client and Morrow Hill’s agents.

Vision Track Website Franchisor Dashboard

Vision Track Website Franchisor Sub-pages

Vision Track Website Mobile

Vision Track Website Franchisee Sites


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